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Comprehensive Integrative Bodywork

“Julie has a MAGIC TOUCH. So relaxing, perfect pressure, beautifully curated space makes for the perfect experience. Also introduced me to cupping, LOVE IT!” 

Massage Services

*Ask me about cupping, CBD and additional therapy add-ons!


Swedish Massage

Wonderful as an introduction to massage or for anyone who wants to relax and unwind. Techniques such as effleurage and petrissage are used with a light to medium pressure to relax the muscles and promote blood flow. Allow yourself to unplug from the stresses of the day and take the time to recharge your battery. 


Deep Tissue Massage

Have an area you need focus on? This massage uses firm to deep pressure on the area of focus we can start to break down the muscle fibers. Great for reducing day-to- day discomfort as well as bringing relief to chronic pain. 

30 minutes $60 | 60 minutes $100 | 90 minutes $130

30 minutes $50 | 60 minutes $90 | 90 minutes $130


Therapeutic Massage

This is the ultimate relaxing experience. Using light to medium pressure, it comes with your choice of aromatherapy oil and hot stones are used on the back to help release tension. Your muscles will melt!

60 minutes $100 | 90 minutes $130


Sports Massage

Perfect for releasing muscle tension and restoring balance to the body. I add a series of active and passive stretching techniques to your massage. This helps promote muscle recovery from weight training, racing, or someone with an active lifestyle.

60 minutes $100 | 90 minutes $130


Prenatal Massage

This is a relaxing side-lying massage for a mother-to-be. It helps to relieve those pregnancy aches and pains. Best to receive after the first trimester is completed. Great for low back and hip discomfort and helps reduce swollen ankles.

60 minutes $85



This service combines the gentle modalities of massage and acutonics. The session helps the body, mind and spirit connect to relieve tension, stress and emotional blockages to take your health journey to the next level. Both practitioners will be working on you simultaneously. (Check out Two Tree Health on YELP)


Hot Stone Massage

Hot stones are used throughout the massage to achieve ultimate relaxation. After massaging I use a gliding technique with the stones to best relax muscles carrying tension. This is a great way to warm up the muscles and promote blood circulation. 

90 minutes $150



About Julie


Julie has been a Certified Massage Therapist (Certification #74020) since 2014. Originally from Redding, California, she first worked as a Massage Therapist in a chiropractic office for three years. Next, she accepted a position at a spa where she discovered a love for the healing effects of aromatherapy that has been incorporated into her current practice.  After the spa, she worked alongside a physical therapist where she discovered her true passion of working with and helping athletes recover from injury. Having played sports herself, she has seen the tremendous benefits of stretching to prevent injury and enhance overall well-being. Now she incorporates stretching into her massage sessions and her clients love it!


In 2017, she moved to Sacramento to explore new opportunities and gain new experiences. She worked at a resort spa where she provided body scrubs and spray tanning along with her massage services.  Now she is privately contracted with Evergreen Salon and Spa. 

Julie strives to give every client a personalized experience that fits their needs and produces the best results. She prides herself on making each client feel heard, comfortable, and special. Her clients love that not every massage she gives is the same. If they are feeling especially tight but can not take deep pressure, she will use hot stones or use dynamic cupping techniques to better tackle areas of tension. Whatever the client needs are, Julie is able to modify her techniques to accommodate the individual.


Depending on the areas of focus, she usually always start with a warm towel on the feet. She believes this allows clients to fully relax before getting to the shoulders, back, and neck where the most tension is held. She pays close attention to details that might make clients' experience more comfortable and memorable. She will check in throughout the session, asking if the client is cold or hot, if the pressure is too much or too light, and makes the proper adjustments to keep you relaxed and comfortable. 

A message from Julie, "I am delighted to discover which massage best fits your needs. Please feel free to ask me any questions to help you better choose which massage to schedule. Thank you for reading and I look forward to adding the positive healing of massage into your life."


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